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TRSG Annual Field Conference
I  D  A  H  O
July 27th - 30th
Join Us.

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Call for Papers & Field Trip Logs

Paper Titles: DUE April 1st, 2017 to Bruce Cox (

Manuscripts: DUE May 1st, 2017 to Bruce Cox (

Road Logs: DUE May 1st, 2017 to Bruce Cox (

Field guides and papers will be published in Northwest Geology, the annual publication of TRGS.

Click here to review --> Submission Guidelines to Authors (PDF)

or visit this link --> Northwest Geology Guidebooks

Call for Volunteers

If you would like to help with conference duties, please contact Emily Geraghty Ward (


Our venue will be the Leadore Community Center and Library ( in downtown Leadore, ID.  Leadore is located 46 miles south of Salmon, ID. There are two hotels and RV park in town and abundant camping opportunities in the nearby Salmon-Challis National Forest.

Schedule & Logistics

The meeting format is informal and includes invited talks on Friday morning, half-day field trips on Friday afternoon, and all day field trips on Saturday, Sunday, and possibly Monday. There will be an informal poster session on Friday evening. Catered meals will be available for purchase. Details of field trip schedules and instructions on pre-meeting registration will be available on this website ( by early June. For further information, contact Bruce Cox (

WORD doc of this information --> 2017 Conference First Announcement WORD

PDF of this information --> 2017 Conference First Announcement PDF

Locations of Past TRGS Field Conferences

2017 Leadore, ID
2016 Heise, ID
2015 Elliston, MT
2014 Republic, WA
2013 Salmon, ID
2012 West Yellowstone, MT
2011 Superior, MT
2010 Anaconda, MT
2009 Philipsburg, MT
2008 Red Lodge, MT
2007 Dillon, MT
2006 Libby, MT
2005 Sun River-Choteau, MT
2004 White Sulphur Springs, MT
2003 Missoula, MT-Salmon, ID
2002 Virginia City, MT
2001 Wallace, ID
2000 Butte, MT
1999 Lewistown, MT
1998 Lincoln, MT
1997 Livingston, MT
1996 Twin Falls, ID
1995 Dillon, MT
1994 Cranbrook, BC
1993 Indiana Univ. Geologic Field Station, MT
1992 Red Lodge, MT
1991 Great Falls, MT
1990 Salmon, ID
1989 Dillon, MT
1988 Missoula, MT
1987 Helena, MT
1986 Moscow, ID
1985 Bozeman, MT
1984 Boise, ID
1983 Kalispell/Whitefish, MT
1982 Dillon, MT
1981 Pocatello, ID
1980 Spokane, WA
1979 Anaconda, MT
1978 Missoula, MT
1977 Anaconda, MT
1976 Bozeman, MT

Leadore is located along the Lemhi River between the Beaverhead Mountains and the Lemhi Range in central Idaho. The region is known for its mineral mines and complex geologic history including rocks of the Belt Supergroup, Paleozoic limestones, anomalous Ordovician intrusives, Fold-Thrust structures, Challis volcanics, and Basin & Range extension. More than a few geologists cut their teeth on the rocks and structures exposed in this valley and in ranges nearby. Many say this area represents the very heart of the West - a place where cowboys, mountaineers, miners, photographers, and flyfishermen alike call home.


Driving Times

130 miles (2.5 hours) from Butte, MT

185 miles (3.5 hours) from Missoula, MT

185 miles (3.5 hours) from Bozeman, MT

325 miles (5.5 hours) from Billings, MT

325 miles (4.5 hours) from Salt Lake City, UT

270 miles (4 hours) from Logan, UT

295 miles (4.5 hours) from Boise, ID

165 miles (2.5 hours) from Pocatello, ID

395 miles (7.5 hours) from Moscow, ID

380 miles (6.5 hours) from Spokane, WA

525 miles (8.5 hours) from Tri Cities, WA

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