Flat Irons marking the Bitterroot Detachment surface (Jeff Lonn)

Join us for the 45th Annual TRGS Field Conference in Hamilton, MT on July 23-26!

Join us for the 2020 TRGS Field Conference in Hamilton, MT this coming July. We welcome proposals for field trips, posters, and papers about any aspect of the geology in and around the Bitterroot Valley. Field guides, abstracts, and papers will be published in Northwest Geology, the annual publication of TRGS. Please contact Jeff Lonn (jlonn@mtech.edu) by March 15, 2020 with your proposed titles. Submission guidelines are posted at here. All manuscripts and road logs must be received by April 15, 2020.


The Bitterroot Valley records over a billion years of sedimentation and deformation. Geologic topics of interest include Proterozoic basement rocks, the Mesoproterozoic Belt Supergroup, Mesozoic batholiths and major thrust faults, the Eocene Bitterroot metamorphic core complex, and Miocene to present high angle normal faults. The Bitterroot Valley contains Quaternary glacial features and pediments, and preserves shorelines associated with Glacial Lake Missoula. Some of these features are cut by Quaternary fault scarps associated with modern extension.


Local mineral resource localities include the lead-silver veins tapped at the Curlew mine (near Stevensville), rare earth mineral occurrences, and the recreational mining of sapphires in the alluvium along the West Fork of Rock Creek in the Sapphire Mountains.


Want to help with the conference? Contact Jeff Lonn at jlonn@mtech.edu

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