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Past Scholarship Winners

2024 - $12,500 in total scholarships

  • Lauren Bergeron (Harrison), University of Chicago, Sequence stratigraphic analysis of the Mesoproterozoic glauconite-rich Shepard and Mt. Shields Formations of the Lower Missoula Group

  • Wyatt Everhart (TRGS), Kansas State University, Using geochemical and Sr-Nb isotope data to evaluate the petrogenesis of Eocene to Oligocene basalts from the Dillon volcanic field, Montana, USA

  • Lucas Forster (Foster), Colorado School of Mines, Alteration mineralogy and lithogeochemistry of the Hog Heaven Mine, northwestern Montana

  • Riley Henson (TRGS), University of Montana, Quantifying geomorphic resilience in rivers to hydroclimatic extreme events

  • Emily Jackson (Skipp), University of Georgia, Paleosols and sequence-stratigraphic architecture: a test in the Cloverly Formation of Wyoming

  • Akshay Jayachandran (TRGS), University of Connecticut, Cenozoic climate and fire connections in the North American Cordillera

  • Ashlesha Khatiwada (TRGS), Colorado State University, Examining the mass balance process of very small glaciers

  • Hanna Konavaluk (Harrison), University of Wisconsin-Madison, Into the changing world of the Mesoproterozoic: characterizing the paleoenvironment of the Belt Supergroup

  • Natali Kragh (Skipp), Montana State University, Determining the relationship between contemporaneous late Cretaceous volcanic and volcaniclastic rocks, southwestern Montana

  • Zach Morrow (Stillwater), Montana State University, A structural analysis of Sevier and Laramide style deformation, southwestern Montana

  • Emma Tombaugh (Skipp), Utah State University, Testing models of Yellowstone landscape evolution through chronostratigraphy of Shoshone river terraces

  • Daniel Vega (TRGS), Idaho State University, Unraveling Mesozoic crustal thickening in the Sevier hinterland, North America: structural mapping and geochronology of the Basin-Elba fault, Albion Range, Idaho

2023 - $10,000 in total scholarships

  • Skye Bensel (TRGS), Boise State University, Examining Seasonal Variations of Subsurface Water Storage in the Critical Zone with Geophysical Imaging

  • Zac DeLuca (TRGS), University of Montana, Hydrogeomorphic Response to Severe Flooding in Yellowstone National Park

  • Samantha Khatri (TRGS) University of Georgia, The relationship of aggradation rate and fluvial architecture: a test in the Maastrichtian Hell Creek Formation of Montana and South Dakota

  • Ariana Miranda (Skipp), Temple University, Paleosols of Florissant Fossils Beds National Monument, central Colorado

  • Olivia Moehl (Belt Association), Dartmouth College, Are the Appekunny and Greyson Formations Correlated? A study using litho- and magnetostratigraphy

  • Cade Orchard (TRGS), University of Georgia, Nonmarine stratigraphy and community response to transgression: a test in the Cloverly Formation of Wyoming

  • Mollie Pope (Sibanye-Stillwater), University of Wyoming, Apatite as an indicator of water content in magmatic source regions

  • Brett Steck (Kleinkopf), University of Montana, Microseismic mapping of the aftershock sequences following the magnitude 5.8 Lincoln, MT earthquake

  • Adam Trzinski (Harrison), University of Wyoming, Exhumation history of the Granite Mountains, Wyoming - Insights from the Battle Springs Formation

  • Jack Willard (TRGS), Utah State University, Testing Patterns of Uplift from the Yellowstone Hotspot Along the Gallatin River, SW Montana

2022 - $10,000 in total scholarships

  • Mikelia Heberer, University of Utah: An Investigation into Ontogenetic Shell Shape and Ornamentation Variation Among Juvenile Western Interior Seaway Scaphite Ammonoids in Eastern Montana and Central South Dakota (TRGS Scholarship)

  • Kayla Irizarry, Penn State University: Did persistently low oxygen conditions slow diversification during the Cambrian? (Skipp Scholarship)

  • Ashlesha Khatiwada, University of Montana: Analyzing the multipath of GNSS time series to study snow properties (Kleinkopf Scholarship)

  • Jon Lever, Idaho State University: Tightening the Belt: New age and provenance constraints on Proterozoic strata in east-central Idaho (Belt Scholarship)

  • Anna Marshall, Colorado State University: Sources and Functions of Spatial Heterogeneity in Determining Channel Evolution of Large Mountain River (TRGS Scholarship)

  • Carlos Montejo, University of Idaho: Quantifying Exhumation Related to the Approach of the Yellowstone Hotspot Using Detrital Thermochronology on mid-Miocene to Present Sediments in the Gallatin Valley, Gallatin County, Montana (TRGS Scholarship)

  • Sarah Morse, University of Arkansas: Constraining the regional impact of the Mesoproterozoic Picuris orogen using high temperature deformation and metamorphism in the Wet Mountains, Colorado, USA (Harrison Scholarship)

  • Emma Palko, Norther Arizona University: High-resolution lacustrine and geochronologic investigation into the tectonic and paleogeographic origins of the Wagon Bed Formation, central Wyoming (TRGS Scholarship)

  • Sarah Risedorf, MT Tech: Evaluation of carbonatite hosted rare earth elements deposit in Sheep Creek, southern Ravalli County, Montana (Foster Scholarship)

  • Mia Wafer, Montana State University: Exploring the relationships between faulting and geothermal systems:Structural Controls on the Norris Hot Spring, Southwest Montana (Skipp Scholarship


2021 - $15,000 in total scholarships

  • Carsen Adams (TRGS), University of Tennessee, Knoxville: Crystallographic Vorticity Analysis of the Slide Lake and Homestake Shear Zones, Central Colorado

  • Elijah Adeniyi (Sibanye-Stillwater-Wheaton Precious Metals), Montana State University: Field Sampling of the Upper Devonian Duperow Formation CO2 and other gasses within Kevin Dome's Petroleum Systems, Northwest Montana, for Genetic Origin Investigation

  • John Allard (Sibanye-Stillwater-Wheaton Precious Metals) Montana Tech: Geology, Mineralogy, Geothermometry and Stable Isotopes of the Lowry Deposit, Black Butte Copper Project, Meagher County, Montana  

  • Chris Baird (Belt Association), Montana State University: Reinvestigation of the sedimentary processes, depositional environments, and provenance of the Mesoproterozoic LaHood Formation near Whitehall, MT

  • Celine Beaucamp (Foster), Montana Tech: Economic Geology Study of the Philipsburg District, Granite County, Montana

  • Elliot Blake (Sibanye-Stillwater-Wheaton Precious Metals), University of Georgia: Using sequence stratigraphy to predict vertebrate trackways in coastal settings: Jurassic Gypsum Spring and Sundance Formations, Bighorn Basin, Wyoming, U.S.A.

  • Megan Borel (Skipp), University of Florida: Characterization of a basement-involved thrust in the footwall of the Pioneer Metamorphic Core Complex: implications for deep levels of the Sevier thrust belt and Neoproterozoic to Early Paleozoic stratigraphy

  • Dana Drinkall (Sibanye-Stillwater-Wheaton Precious Metals), Idaho State University: Predicting and Monitoring Landslide Hazards Along Railway Corridors in Northern Idaho using UAV LiDAR

  • Courtenay Duzet (Sibanye-Stillwater-Wheaton Precious Metals; Kleinkopf), University of Montana: 1D Crustal Velocity Model for West Central Montana

  • Alyssa Endrich (Sibanye-Stillwater-Wheaton Precious Metals), Kansas State University: Snake River Plain volcanism north of the Yellowstone hotspot track?: Petrogenesis of Cenozoic basalts from the Centennial Valley and vicinity, southwest Montana

  • Caden Howlett (Sibanye-Stillwater-Wheaton Precious Metals), University of Arizona: Low-Temperature Thermochronology of the Little Belt Mountains of Central Montana with Implications for models of Laramide Tectonism

  • Joshua Lingbloom (Sibanye-Stillwater-Wheaton Precious Metals), Idaho State University: The First Inventory and Geostatistical Analysis of Landslides in Grand Teton National Park

  • Bryce Neal (Sibanye-Stillwater-Wheaton Precious Metals), Montana State University: Mechanisms and timing of tectonic attenuation in the Georgetown Thrust Zone: A new map of the Carpp Ridge 7.5’ quadrangle, Anaconda Range, SW Montana

  • Carolina Ortiz-Guerrero (TRGS), University of Florida: Documentation of Mesoproterozoic thermal events in Belt Supergroup rocks in the Pioneer Mountains Metamorphic Core Complex, using U-Pb geochronology of monazite

  • Stephanie Plaza-Torres (Sibanye-Stillwater-Wheaton Precious Metals), University of Colorado, Boulder: Looking for δ13C evidence of C₃-C₄ intermediate plant presence in the Green River Formation Paleo Lake Uinta

  • Allison Reid (Sibanye-Stillwater-Wheaton Precious Metals), Stockton University:  Geologic mapping of the Mount Powell Batholith, western Montana

  • Eric Scheumann (Harrison) University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee: Strain development and partitioning across a transpressional shear zone along a quartzite- metagabbro contact in the Black Hills Orogeny, South Dakota

  • Anthony Semeraro (TRGS,) Western Washington University: Paleocurrent Dispersion applied to calculating channel morphology of ancient river systems: Stratigraphic Case Study through the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal

  • Haley Thoresen (Sibanye-Stillwater-Wheaton Precious Metals), University of Idaho: Eocene Basin Record of Metamorphic Core Complex Exhumation in the western United States Cordillera

  • Han Truong (Sibanye-Stillwater-Wheaton Precious Metals), University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill: Tracing Proterozoic crustal contributions in felsic magmas in the Colorado Mineral Belt

  • Chloë Weeks (Sibanye-Stillwater-Wheaton Precious Metals), University of Idaho: Quantifying the reach of the Yellowstone plume through cooling histories

  • Emily White (Sibanye-Stillwater-Wheaton Precious Metals), Texas A&M University: Petrogenetic evolution during Cordilleran orogenesis: Constraints from the North American Cordillera

  • Kayla Young (Sibanye-Stillwater-Wheaton Precious Metals), University of Wyoming: Controls and characteristics of hydrothermal platinum-group element mineralization in the Medicine Bow Mountains of southeastern Wyoming

  • Erin Young-Dahl (TRGS), University of Idaho: Reconstructing Eocene hinterland high topography of the northern U.S. Cordillera using stable isotope paleoaltimetry of hydrated volcanic glass


2020 - $8,000 in total awards

  • Ethan Costello (Foster), Colorado State University: Mafic Rocks associated with ores of the Boulder Batholith, Southwestern Montana

  • Stuart Parker (TRGS), Idaho State University: Response of exhumation to basin geometry
    in the Idaho/Montana fold-thrust Belt

  • Carlos Montejo (TRGS) Montana Tech: Quaternary geology of portions of the McGregor Peak, Marion, Murr Peak, and Hubbart Reservoir 7.5’ quadrangles, Flathead County, Montana

  • Haley Thoresen (Skipp), University of Idaho: Basin record of the initiation of extension and core complex exhumation in western Montana and southeast Idaho

  • Erin Young-Dahl (TRGS), University of Idaho: Using stable isotope paleoaltimetry of hydrated volcanic glass to reconstruct Eocene paleotopography across the northern United States Cordillera

  • Matthew Ellison (TRGS), Utah State University: The biggest snowball fight in Earth history: Sequence stratigraphy, facies analysis, and geochronology of the Cryogenian Pocatello Fm, SE Idaho, USA

  • Chance Ronemus (Harrison), Montana State University: Reconstructing the Proterozoic-recent thermal history of the Beartooth Mountains, Montana

  • Shannon Ahern (Kleinkopf), Stockton University: Geologic mapping of the Mount Powell Batholith, western Montana

  • Rudolph Engel (Kleinkopf), Stockton University: Petrophysical characterization of the Mount Powell Batholith, western Montana

  • ​Gibson - TRGS Field Course Award for Excellence - Jessica Welder, University of Oregon: 

2019 - $11,000 in total awards

  • Caden Howlett (Foster), Montana State University: Determining the relationship between magmatism, exhumation, and gold mineralization in the Anaconda Metamorphic Core Complex using detrital and igneous zircon geochronology, western Montana

  • Crenshaw (Skipp), University of Montana: Petrogenesis and tectonic implications of gedrite-anthophyllite-cordierite gneisses in the NW Wyoming Province

  • Joel Dietrich (TRGS), Montana Tech: Stratigraphic and Structural Analysis of the North Flint Creek Range near Gold Creek, Montana

  • Matthew Ellison (Harrison), Utah State: How complete is the Snowball Earth record in SE Idaho? Sequence stratigraphy and facies analysis of the Pocatello Formation

  • "Eve Lalor (Skipp), Western Washington University: Scaling of environmental responses to multiple Eocene global warming events in the Bighorn Basin, Wyoming"

  • Kelly Helmer (Foster), Montana State University: Structural geology of hydrothermal breccia pipes as potential hosts for mineral deposits and hydrocarbon reservoirs in central Montana

  • Jacob Milton (Harrison), Idaho State University: Geologic Relations of the Neoproterozoic and Cambrian Wilbert Formation, Lost River Range, East-Central Idaho

  • Michael Kipp (Harrison), University of Washington: A stable isotope study of nutrient cycling in the Cryogenian Pocatello Formation, Idaho

  • Brandi Lawler (TRGS), University of Wyoming: A Spatial and Temporal Study of Mafic Volcanism Across the Yellowstone Plateau: Petrology, Geochemistry, and Geochronology of the Basalts

  • Nate Mitchell (TRGS), Indiana University: Field Mapping of Fracture Density within Mesoproterozoic Gneiss of the Belt Supergroup and its Relationship with Bedrock River Morphology and Erosion near Shoup, ID

  • Jacob Palmer (TRGS), Montana Tech: Structural Analysis of the Gold Creek Area

  • Brianna Rick (Kleinkopf), Colorado State University: Rock glaciers as climate resilient cold-water reservoirs in Rocky Mountain alpine basins

  • Justin Rosenblume (TRGS), University of Iowa: Tectono-stratigraphic history and multi-proxy provenance of a Cretaceous broken foreland basin in southwest Montana

  • Grace Sutherland (TRGS), Western Washington University: Thresholds in fluvial response to ancient global warming events in Bighorn Basin, Wyoming

  • Megan Tarmichael (TRGS), University of Montana - Western: The effects of beaver on lateral channel migration in Southwest Montana

  • Kelly Thomson (TRGS), UT Austin: Effects of hydraulic sorting on detrital zircon age spectra and sediment mixture modeling: Insights from the Upper Missouri River

  • Rachelle Turnier (Harrison), University of Wisconsin-Madison: Genesis and Timing of Corundum Formation in Southwest Montana

  • Allie Ann Wolverton (TRGS), Rocky: The growth of Earth's early continents: Kinematics and timing of a suture zone within the northern Wyoming Province of North America

  • Gibson - TRGS Field Course Award for Excellence – Balee Olds, University of Utah; Kody Wedell, University of California-Davis

2018 - $8,000 in total awards
  • Alexander Brown (Foster), Montana Tech: Understanding the Geology and Geochemistry of Ore Formation at the Golden Chest Mine

  • Garett Brown (TRGS), University of Georgia: Testing for ecological gradients in the lower Mississippian Lodgepole Formation, Montana, U.S.A.

  • Andrew Del Turco (Harrison), Stockton University: Thermodynamic evolution of the Wyoming Province: application of quartz c-axis analysis to constrain the kinematics and temperature of deformation recorded in the Jewel Lake quartzite, southwestern Montana

  • Alexander Flores (Kleinkopf), Stockton University: Petrophysical characterization of the North Snowy Block, southwestern Montana: application of rock magnetism to understanding Precambrian tectonics

  • Richard M. Hess (TRGS), University of Georgia: The Sequence Stratigraphic Architecture of the Upper and Middle Jurassic Stump and Preuss Formations, Western Wyoming and Eastern Idaho, USA

  • Leah Houser (TRGS), Utah State University: Textural and thermochronologic constraints on the role of friction generated heat on silica-rich fault mirror surfaces of the Brigham City Segment, Wasatch fault zone, Utah

  • Kimberly Kramer (TRGS), Washington State University: Quantifying paleo-peak geothermal field gradients within three ranges in eastern Nevada

  • Derek Lichtner (TRGS), University of Wyoming: Assessing Sediment Preservation Completeness using Mass Conservation and Depositional Signal Inversion: Wasatch Formation, Southwest Wyoming

  • Evan Martin (TRGS), University of Idaho: Assessing the topographic evolution of the North American Cordillera in Idaho, Wyoming and Montana during Tertiary time

  • Sierra Swenson (Skipp), University of Georgia, Athens: Integrated sequence stratigraphy and paleobiology of the Sundance Seaway, Montana, USA

  • Jacob Thacker (TRGS), University of New Mexico: The spatiotemporal evolution of Laramide deformation: An integrated geologic and thermochronologic study

  • Matthew Wanker (TRGS), Indiana University: Dynamics of sediment transport through a river bifurcation

  • Gibson-TRGS Field Course Award for Excellence - No Nominees

2017 - $8,000 in total awards
  • Andrew Canada (TRGS), University of Idaho: The Eocene Elko Formation: A Paleogeographic Record of High-Elevation Lake Basin Formation and Topographic Evolution in the North American Cordilleran Hinterland

  • Philip Dalhof (Foster), Colorado State University: Mapping of hydrothermal alterations in the Boulder Batholith and related igneous rocks using a pXRF

  • Garrett Hill (Harrison), Montana Tech: Using fluid inclusions and C, O, H and Sr isotopes to understand the genesis of dolomite-hosted talc mineralization in Montana

  • Erin Lathrop (Harrison), Utah State University: Capturing changes in the Mesoproterozoic carbon cycle: C-isotope stratigraphy of the 1255 Ma Bass Formation, Grand Canyon Supergroup, AZ

  • Zachary Lettenga (Foster), Montana Tech: Prospecting Placer Gold in Libby Creek

  • Jacob McCane (Foster), Colorado State University: The Petrogenesis of Lamprophyric Rocks of the Absaroka Volcanic Province and their Association with Gold Mineralization

  • William Moynihan (TRGS), Idaho State University: Paleontology and sequence stratigraphy of the near-shore facies of the Permian Phosphoria Formation in the Teton, Gros Ventre, and Wind River ranges, Wyoming

  • Ashely Provow (Skipp), Utah State University: Reconstructing paleofluidrock interactions using electron microprobe dating of authigenic monazite in Neoproterozoic sandstones

  • Jacob Thacker (TRGS), University of New Mexico: Regional tectonic analysis of Laramide orogenesis using field studies, apatite fission track, and (U-Th)/He thermochronology

  • Richard Trippe (Harrison), University of Montana: Geology of a structurally-inverted graben of possible Cambrian age, southern Pioneer Mountains, southwestern Montana

  • Matthew Wanker (TRGS), Indiana University: Tracking sediment through a river bifurcation on the Jefferson River, MT

  • Mike Zawaski (TRGS), University of Colorado at Boulder: Stromatolites as chemical and isotopic probes of paleoenvironmental conditions during the Permian-Triassic extinction event.

  • Gibson-TRGS Field Course Award for Excellence - No Nominees

2016 - $7,000 in total awards

  • Andrew Canada (TRGS), University of Idaho: The Tectonic Evolution of High-Elevation Lake Basins in the Cordilleran Hinterland

  • Hunter Anderson (Harrison), Rocky Mountain College: Structure, emplacement and petrography of mafic Leopard Dikes in the Beartooth Range, Montana

  • Nora Dwyer (Harrison), University of Montana: Petrology and geochronology of Precambrian metasedimentary rocks within the Clearwater complex, north-central Idaho

  • Sarah Wright (TRGS), University of Georgia: Distinguishing sequence boundaries from other erosional surfaces: A case study from the Windy Hill Sandstone, Wyoming, USA

  • Nathan Anderson (TRGS), Idaho State University: Mapping through the lens of regional geology. Correcting and reinterpreting our understanding of the southern Beaverhead Mountains

  • Abram Barker (TRGS), University of Arkansas: Structural Evolution of Melrose basin: Impact on Cenozoic Gravel Distribution

  • Erin Lathrop (Harrison), Utah State University: Capturing changes in the Mesoproterozoic carbon cycle: C-isotope stratigraphy of the 1255 Ma Bass Formation, Grand Canyon Supergroup, AZ

  • Shane Fussell (Foster), University of Montana: Structural Configuration of a Triangle Zone Culmination: Dearborn River, Montana

  • Jordan Allen (TRGS), Montana State University: Impacts of glacial processes on nitrogen cycling in the Beartooth Mountains, Montana

  • Laura Cuccio (Harrison), Utah State University: The Precambrian-sedimentary rock nonconformity: hydromechanical implications for injection-induced seismicity

  • Ben Schubert (Foster), Montana Tech: Geochemistry and Mineralogy of the Heddleston Porphyry Deposit

  • Gibson-TRGS Field Course Award for Excellence - Shane Amen, Idaho State University

2015 - $8,500 in total awards

  • Alexandra Adams (TRGS Scholarship), University of Idaho: Isotopic fractionation of light elements – Reconstructing past elevations in east Idaho and southwest Montana

  • Cody Bodman (TRGS Scholarship), Montana State University: Effects of hanging-wall anticline growth on a Lare Cretaceous marine alluvial fan-delta system, Cordilleran Thrust Belt front, SW Wyoming

  • Kyle Eastman (Michael Thompson Foster Scholarship), Montana Tech: Understanding the geology and geochemistry of the bedrock source of acidic streams at Mt. Evans, Anaconda Range, Western Montana

  • Sara Edinberg (TRGS Scholarship), Montana Tech: Natural acid rock drainage chemistry related to geology of the alkaline intrusions of the Judith Mountains of central Montana

  • G. Graham Ellsworth (TRGS Scholarship), University of Memphis: Fracture relationships and the timing of the Heart Mountain allochthon

  • Nicholas Fox (Harrison Scholarship), Montana State University: The Mesoproterozoic LaHood Formation: Provenance and tectonic environment of deposition

  • Nicholas Krohe (TRGS Scholarship), Idaho State University: Neoproterozoic to Ordovician sandstone provenance west of the Lemhi Arch: Implication for rift geometry of the Laurentian passive margin

  • Robert McDermott (TRGS Scholarship), Utah State University: A multichronometer approach to documenting ancient seismicity along the Wasatch Fault Zone, Utah

  • Joshua Messenger (Michael Thompson Foster Scholarship), Montana Tech: Skarn paragenesis and the temporal relationship of scheelite mineralization at Calvert Mine, Pioneer Mountains, MT

  • Stuart Parker (TRGS Scholarship), University of Montana: Deformed river gravel of the southern Beaverhead Mountains; Neotectonic implications

  • Luke Schwab (TRGS Scholarship), University of Idaho: Reservoir characterization of the Logan Gulch Member of the Three Forks Formation in western Montana

  • Charles Shobe (TRGS Scholarship), University of Colorado: Mapping rockfalls and understanding canyon evolution on the Clarks Fork Yellowstone River, Northern Wyoming

  • Daphne Tuzlac (TRGS Scholarship), Utah State University: Mapping, correlating, and dating terraces to understand incision and uplift resulting from the Yellowstone Hotspot—Snake River Canyon, Wyoming

  • Michael Vineyard (TRGS Scholarship), Montana Tech: Sequence stratigraphic correlation of the Bow Island Formation using surface outcrop and subsurface data, Glacier and Toole Counties, north-central Montana

  • Gibson-TRGS Field Course Award for Excellence - Jordan Jensen, Utah State University


2014 - $9,000 in total awards

  • Leif Anderson (TRGS Scholarship), University of Colorado: Absolute Chronology of Pre-Illinoisan glacial advances in the Rocky Mountains

  • Lori Babcock (TRGS Scholarship), Montana State University: Structurally controlled diagenesis of upper Devonian (Frasnian Stage) dolomite: southwest and north central Montana and southern Alberta

  • Jack Borski (TRGS Scholarship), Montana State University: Depositional Setting, Sequence Stratigraphic Analysis, and Diagenetic Evolution of the Devonian-Mississippian Transition in Western Montana

  • Peter Christophersen (TRGS Scholarship), University of Montana: Deformational and thermal history of the Bitterroot mylonite constrained by electron backscatter diffraction (EBSD) and Ti-in-quartz (TitaniQ) thermometry

  • Anna Downey (TRGS Scholarship), Kansas State University: Quaternary mafic volcanism in the upper Wind River Basin, WY

  • Victor Guevara (TRGS Scholarship), Virginia Tech: Laurentia’s oldest granulites? Probing for metamorphic evidence of continental collision on early Earth

  • Tyler Hagan (Michael Thompson Foster Scholarship), Montana Tech: Characterization of Precious Metals in the Emigrant Mining District in Park County, Montana

  • Leif Knatterud (TRGS Scholarship), Montana Tech: Geophysical investigation of the structural geology in the Avon Valley, west-central Montana, using gravity and seismic reflection profiling

  • Elyse Rector (TRGS Scholarship), University of Montana: The origin and significance of a green sandstone in the Eagle Formation in south-central Montana

  • Aaron P. Rodriguez (TRGS Scholarship), University of Idaho: Lateral facies and thickness change of the Devonian-Mississippian Sappington Formation along inverted margins of the Central Montana Trough, Three Forks, Montana

  • Chris Rogers (Harrison Scholarship), Carleton University: Geochemistry and Geochronology of ca. 1460 Ma Mafic Magmatic Nodes of the Laurentian Craton: Characterization of Plume and Lithosphere Activity below Laurentia

  • Sarah P. Slotznick (TRGS Scholarship), Cal Tech: Coupled microscale techniques to investigate the petrogenesis of iron-bearing minerals in the Prichard Formation, Belt Supergroup, MT and ID

  • Julian Stahl (TRGS Scholarship), Montana State University: Fracture analysis of circum-Bighorn Basin anticlines, Wyoming-Montana

  • Gibson-TRGS Field Course Award for Excellence - No Nominees

2013 - $7,000 in total awards

  • Lori Babcock (TRGS Scholarship), Montana State University: Structurally controlled diagenesis of the Devonian Duperow Formation and related upper Paleozoic units, north-central Montana

  • Alexander Brekke (TRGS Scholarship), University of Montana: Sequence Stratigraphic and Reservoir Analysis of the Cretaceous Eagle Formation in South-central Montana

  • Jonathan J. Calede (TRGS Scholarship), University of Washington: Taphonomy and biostratigraphy of the Oligo-Miocene Cabbage Patch beds of Montana

  • Drew Cramer (Harrison Scholarship), University of Montana: Tectonothermal evolution of the western margin of Laurentia: Archean to Proterozoic metamorphism in the Ruby Range, southwest Montana

  • Victor Guevara (TRGS Scholarship), Virginia Tech: Deciphering the tectonic mechanisms of extreme crustal heat flux during Neoarchean orogenesis in the Teton-Wind River domain, NW Wyoming, USA

  • Sarah Jeffrey (TRGS Scholarship), Montana State University: Subsurface characterization of reservoir facies associated with brittle deformation features, Big Snowy Uplift, MT

  • Robert Livesay (TRGS Scholarship), University of Montana: Investigating Upstream Channel Response to Dam Removal, Blackfoot River, MT

  • Robert Mahon (TRGS Scholarship), University of Wyoming: Are short-timescale climate signals preserved in sedimentary basins? An integrated field study on Seminoe Reservoir, WY

  • Jessica Meyers (TRGS Scholarship), Idaho State University: Eocene upper-crustal deformation accompanying low-angle mid-crustal extensional deformation

  • Lauren Schricker (TRGS Scholarship), Allegheny College: Paleogene Fluvial Dispersal and Provenance Relationships near the Frontal Margin of the Anaconda Metamorphic Core Complex, Southwest Montana

  • Mary K. Todt (TRGS Scholarship), Idaho State University: Sedimentary provenance and U-Pb and Lu-Hf isotopic analysis of zircon grains from the Worm Creek Quartzite, Idaho and their potential magmatic source: Implications for Cambrian passive margin sedimentation

  • James Wallace (TRGS Scholarship), Indiana University: Structural evolution of the J-Fold Anticline; A multi-scalar approach to modeling kinematic fold evolution in the Cordilleran fold-thrust belt, southwest Montana

  • Gibson-TRGS Field Course Award for Excellence - Daniel Morel, Macalaster College and Holly Young, Idaho State University

2012 - $5,000 in total awards

  • Zachary Adam (Harrison Scholarship) Montana State University: Characterizing the Mesoproterozoic microfossil record of the Belt Supergroup, Montana

  • Neal Auchter (Michael Thompson Foster Scholarship) University of Montana: Interpretation of coastal incision fill deposits in the Santonian-Campanian Eagle Formation, south-central Montana

  • Whitney Bausch (TRGS Scholarship) University of Montana: Timing and extent of post-orogenic magmatic and tectonic events in the northern Cordillera: Petrogenetic and kinematic investigation of an Eocene dike swarm, southwest Montana

  • Lane Boyer (TRGS Scholarship) University of Arkansas: Highland Gneiss Dome

  • Jessie Chadwick (TRGS Scholarship) Montana State University: Metamorphism, Anatexis, and Deformation in Metasupracrustal Enclaves in the Spanish Peaks, Madison Range, SW Montana: Evidence of Cryptic 2.55, 2.45 or 1.8 Ga Thermotectonic Events

  • Cailey Condit (Harrison Scholarship) University of Colorado: Integrated geologic history of the Archean rocks of the Madison Range, Montana: implications for lower crustal deformational processes and the assembly of Laurentia

  • Breanna Hennessy (TRGS Scholarship) Montana State University: Sedimentology and Stratigraphy of the Late Cretaceous Livingston Group in Central Montana

  • Sarah Jeffrey (TRGS Scholarship) Montana State University: Structurally-controlled diagenesis of Paleozoic reservoir rocks exposed in the Little Belt Mountains and Big Snowy Uplift, Montana

  • Lauren Kay (TRGS Scholarship) Montana State University: Tectonic deformation as a taphonomic process: using fossilized bones as strain indicators

  • Tetsuro Nagase (TRGS Scholarship) University of Montana: Investigating depositional processes and sedimentary environments of Late Devonian organic-rich mudrock of the Bakken Formation, central Montana

  • Laura Neser (TRGS Scholarship) University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill: The timing of Laramide deformation in the northern Rocky Mountains

  • Jacob Thacker (Michael Thompson Foster Scholarship) Montana State University: Structural and mineralogic characterization of the South Prairie fault in the Stillwater Complex, Beartooth Mountains, MT

  • Stephanie Wafforn (Michael Thompson Foster Scholarship) Oregon State University: Structural Geology of the Mount Polley porphyry copper district: Reconstruction of post-mineral faults and tilting for the purpose of future exploration

2011 - $3,500 in total awards

  • Neal Auchter (Michael Thompson Foster Scholarship) University of Montana: Analysis of incised channels in the Late Cretaceous Eagle Formation, south-central Montana

  • Whitney G. Bausch (TRGS Scholarship) University of Montana: Structural and thermochronological analysis of a lithologically-varied dike swarm, southwest MT

  • Eduardo Francisco Guerrero (TRGS Scholarship) Oregon State University: Quantification of the landscape evolution over a mantle hot spot: deconvolving the uplift and geomorphic history of the Shoshone River drainage and the Yellowstone Crescent of High Terrain over the past 2 Ma.

  • Victor Guevara (Harrison Scholarship) University of Montana: Constraints on the Structural and Thermal Evolution of the Clearwater Metamorphic Core Complex, ID

  • William Thomas Jackson, Junior (TRGS Scholarship) University of Memphis: Paleoseismites of the Elk Basin anticline: Indicators to early-formed joint development and fold growth during paleoseismic events

  • Samantha Kaster (Michael Thompson Foster Scholarship) University of Montana: Analysis of a marine transgression in the Cretaceous Eagle Formation in south-central Montana

  • Lauren Kay (TRGS Scholarship) Montana State University: Tectonic deformation as a taphonomic process: using dinosaur bones as strain indicators

  • Anita Moore-Nall (Michael Thompson Foster Scholarship) Montana State University: Physical and chemical characterization of brecciation and U-V mineralization in the Madison Limestone and adjacent units, Big Pryor Mountain mining district, Montana -Little Mountain mining district, Wyoming

  • Laura Neser (TRGS Scholarship) University of North Carolina: The timing of Laramide deformation in northwestern Wyoming

  • Daniel L. Ross (Michael Thompson Foster Scholarship) Montana State University: Structural Geology of the North-Half of the Swift Reservoir Culmination, Northern Sawtooth Range, Montana


2010 - $7,600 in total awards

  • Janice Brahney (TRGS Scholarship) University of Colorado: Influence of historical dust and N deposition on the biogeochemistry of alpine lakes in the western USA

  • Ryan Carter (Michael Thompson Foster Scholarship) University of Montana: An architectural analysis of a laterally accreting paleoform for reservoir fluid modeling in the Cretaceous Eagle Formation sandstone, south-central Montana

  • Skye Cooley (TRGS) Utah State: Co-evolution of the Pleistocene Bear River and Pluvial Lake Bonneville

  • Evan Gearity (Michael Thompson Foster Scholarship) Montana State: Geology of the Marysville mining district

  • Matt Haacker (Harrison Scholarship) University of Montana: Petrogenesis and age of meta-anorthosites in the northern Cordillera of western Montana

  • Austin S. Hart (TRGS) Western Washington University: Sedimentology, magneto-stratigraphy, and stable isotope stratigraphy of Rocky Mountain synorogenic deposits: Unroofing of the Beartooth Plateau

  • Gordon Hicks (Harrison) University of Tennessee, Knoxville: The Curecanti pluton - an unusual Proterozoic intrusive body in context

  • Adam Johnson (TRGS) University of Montana: Testing the Bulge: Use of Neogene Bedrock Paleo-valleys to Test Models of the Yellowstone Thermal Dome and Related Deformation

  • Kera A. Judy (TRGS) University of Memphis: Layer parallel shortening: a mechanism for determining deformation timing in the Little Water Syncline of the Tendoy thrust sheet of the Cordilleran fold-thrust belt, southwestern Montana

  • Mort Larsen (TRGS) Montana State: Reactivation(?) of Laramide structures by the 1959 Ms7.5 Hebgen Lake-Red Canyon earthquake sequence, Montana

  • Kevin Lielke (TRGS) University of Montana: Paleogeographic, stratigraphic and paleoclimatic reconstruction of the Paleogene Renova formation of Southwestern Montana

  • Helen Lynn (TRGS) Montana State: Hydrocarbon and CO2 entrapment in the Stewart Peak culmination, northern Salt River Range, Wyoming: migration pathways and reservoir characterization

  • Robert C. Mahon (Harrison) Idaho State: Geologic Map of the Saddle Peak Hills 7.5' Quadrangle and Sedimentology and Age Constraints of the Meso-Neoproterozoic Pahrump Group, Death Valley, California

  • Laura Neser (TRGS) University of North Carolina: The timing of Laramide deformation in northwestern Wyoming

  • David Reioux (Harrison) University of Montana: Metamorphic evolution of the southern Highland Mountains, Montana, and implications for the reconstruction of Laurentia

  • Jill Sotendahl (Michael Thompson Foster Scholarship) Montana Tech: Economic geology of the Madison Gold copper-gold skarn deposit, Silver Star, Montana

  • Eleanor Spangler (Michael Thompson Foster Scholarship) University of Montana: Evaluation of a Massive Sandstone Unit in the Upper Cretaceous Eagle Formation in South Central Montana

  • Liane Stevens (TRGS) University of Montana: The Priest River Metamorphic Core Complex: Addressing a Gap in the Understanding of the Origin and Exhumation of Cordilleran Metamorphic Core Complexes

  • Whitney Treadway (TRGS) Montana State: Geologic Characterization of Modern CO2 Accumulations in Parts of the Idaho-Wyoming Fold-and-Thrust Belt

  • Zackary S. Wall (TRGS) University of Montana: Tracking the uplift of Yellowstone's thermal dome in SW Montana


2009 - $2,500 in total awards

  • Laura Neser (TRGS) University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill: Changes in Shortening Directions during the Laramide Orogeny in Northwestern Wyoming

  • Jennifer N. Gifford (Harrison) University of Florida: A New View into the Lower Crust and Upper Mantle of the Great Falls Tectonic Zone

  • Jennifer Rothfuss (TRGS) University of Alabama: Cenozoic landscape evolution of a post-compressional orogenic wedge: Intermontane basin development and sediment dispersal patterns, Renova Formation, southwest Montana

  • Warren Roe (TRGS) University of Montana: Tertiary Paleogeography and Sedimentology of the Big Hole Basin, Southwestern Montana

  • Jennifer L. Manion (TRGS) Washington State University: The Older Epithermal System in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

  • Chelsea Carmichael (TRGS) Loma Linda University: Evaluation of Newly Discovered Stromatolites and Associated Microbial Carbonates Occurring in Springs Near Brisco, British Columbia


2008 - $4,350 in total awards

  • Eric Stewart (TRGS) Idaho State University: Geologic mapping in the Allan Mountain Quadrangle, east-central Idaho

  • Timothy Nesheim (Harrison) Univ. of Iowa: Are 1.1 Ga deformational fabrics present in metasedimentary rocks of the Belt Supergroup, northern Idaho?

  • Richard M. Gaschnig (General Assistance) Washington State University: Zeroing in on basement terrane boundaries in central Idaho using inherited zircons from the Idaho batholith

  • Cara Harwood (Harrison) University of California at Davis: Stromatolites and microbial bioherms from the Neoproterozoic Beck Spring Dolomite of southern California

  • K.D. Gray (TRGS) University of Idaho: Post-accretionary modification of the ocean-continent isotropic boundary in the northern Rocky Mountains, and the implications of superposed shear zones

  • Brady Z. Foreman (TRGS) University of Wyoming: Fluvial response to abrupt climate change at the Paleocene-Eocene boundary: Bighorn and Piceance Creek Basins

  • Eric E. Baar (General Assistance) Washington State University: Regional-scale detrital zircon provenance study of the Middle to Late Ordovician Eureka Quartzite, east-central Idaho

  • James F. Glover III (General Assistance) Washington State University: Detrital zircon geochronology of Bonneville Flood deposits along the Snake River, Idaho: Implications for sediment dispersal patterns of megafloods

  • Zachary J. Coppa (TRGS) Washington State University: Differentiating the Bonneville Flood deposits from the Missoula Flood deposits using U-Pb geochronology and mineralogical analysis from Lewiston, Idaho, to Wallula Gap, Oregon

  • Nigel Davies (TRGS) Western Washington University: The Holocene glacial history of the Upper Green River Basin, Wind River Range, Wyoming

  • Bailey Elkins (General Assistance) University of Montana: Mapping of kinematics within the Lewis and Clark Line using GPS geodesy

  • Michael R. Johnson (General Assistance) University of Wyoming: Paleoclimate reconstruction through stable isotope analysis of soil carbonates in the southwestern Wyoming Washakie Basin


2007 - $3,000 in total awards

  • Kevin Lielke, University of Montana: Paleoenvironmental and tectonic reconstruction of Tertiary lake deposits in the Ruby and Madison basins of southwestern Montana (TRGS)

  • Daniel Rybczynski, Utah State University: Correlation, paleogeography, and provenance of the eastern Uinta Mountain Group, Goslin Mountain area, northeastern Utah (Harrison)

  • Abigail E. Stephens, Oregon State University: The Lights Creek Stock copper deposits: porphyry Cu or evaporitic-source Cu Fe-oxide mineralization? (Michael Thompson Foster Scholarship)

  • James F. Glover, III, Washington State University: Detrital zircon geochronology and mineralogy of Bonneville Flood deposits along the Snake River, Idaho: Provenance and sediment dispersal patterns of megafloods (TRGS)

  • Jennifer L. McHarge, University of Wyoming: Origins of Amalgamated Channel Sand Bodies in the Lance Formation, Bighorn Basin, Wyoming (TRGS)

  • Daniel Jones, University of Wyoming: Mapping of the Big Creek Gneiss, Southern Sierra Madre, Wyoming (Harrison)



  • Julian G. McCune, University of Montana: Cenozoic Sedimentary Basin Evolution and Hydrostratigraphic Assessment of the Upper Blackfoot River Basin, Western Montana (TRGS)

  • Erin Haney, University of Montana: P-T Paths of Metamorphic Pelitic Rocks in the Anaconda Metamorphic Core Complex (TRGS)

  • Brandon Mijal, Western Washington University: Holocene glacial chronology for the Sawtooth Range, Idaho (TRGS)

  • Heather M. Henry, University of Montana, Mapping of the Rocky Mountain Front Triangle Zone, Montana (Michael Thompson Foster Scholarship)

  • John MacLean, University of Montana: Stratigraphic analyses to test the Siberia-Laurentia connection (Harrison)

  • Amy Kelly, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Using biomarkers to analyze biogeochemical changes across the Precambrian-Cambrian boundary (Harrison)


2005 - $1,500 in total awards

  • Joshua Richards, University of Florida: Age and isotopic composition of Precambrian mafic dikes in the Wyoming Province: Window into the evolution of subcontinental lithosphere (TRGS)

  • Kelly Probst, University of Florida: Assessing Precambrian crust through a geochemical investigation of Mesozoic plutons in the northwestern Cordillera: Implications for continental reconstruction (Michael Thompson Foster Scholarship)

  • Andy Brehm, Utah State University: Geologic mapping of the Neoproterozoic Uinta Mountain Group, Uinta Mountains, Utah (Harrison)

2004 - $2,000 in total awards

  • Emily Geraghty, University of Montana (Michael Thompson Foster Scholarship): Jurassic-aged fractures and grikes in Mississippian carbonate: Implications for fractured hydrocarbon reservoirs, Rocky Mountain Thrust Front

  • Nancy E. Oyer, Montana Tech (Harrison): Precambrian talc and quartz in upper amphibolite facies marbles of Archean age in the Gravelly and Ruby Ranges, Montana

  • Quintin Overocker,University of Tennessee (Harrison): Origin of breccias in the Wallace Formation, Mesoproterozoic Belt Supergroup, Montana and Idaho

  • Warren Grice, University of Florida (TRGS): Late Cretaceous to Eocene exhumation of the Anaconda metamorphic core complex, southwest Montana

2003 - $500 in total awards

  • Matthew Hoffer, University of Idaho (TRGS): Geologic mapping of the Careywood 7.5’ quadrangle, northern Idaho

2002 - $1,500 in total awards

  • Rebecca Kunz, University of Montana (TRGS): The shonkinite intrusions of Garrison, Montana: A possible extension of the Adel Mountains Volcanics

  • Grant S. Sha, Washington State University (Michael Thompson Foster Scholarship): Anorthosites, medium to high-grade metamorphic rocks, and localized shear bands: A strain gradient profile map of Monumental Buttes/Goat mountain, St. Joe National Forest, northern Idaho

  • Eric Burtis, University of Montana (Harrison): The geochemistry and geochronology of a Neoproterozic sill complex in northwestern Montana: Implications for the Belt Basin


  • Mark Pollack, University of Tennessee, (Harrison): Morphological variation in “molar-tooth” carbonate: Implications for genesis and substrate rheology

  • Julie Kickham, Utah State University (TRGS): Temporal and kinematic evolution of intrabasinal extensional folds in Grasshopper basin, southwest Montana

  • Matthew Buoniconti, University of Miami (Michael Thompson Foster Scholarship): Sequence stratigraphic distribution of reservoir and source rock facies in Mississippian ramp-to-basin carbonates, Idaho


  • Robert Houston, Oregon State University (Michael Thompson Foster Scholarship): Is the Butte ore deposit tilted or not? A field geology study designed to resolve models of 5-12 degrees vs. >25 degrees of post-ore tilting

  • Cal Ruleman, Montana State University, Bozeman: Late Quaternary Slip Rates on Range-bounding Normal Faults, North Arm of the Yellowstone Tectonic Parabola, Southwest Montana


  • Julia Murphy, University of Florida (TRGS): Geochronology of synkinematic plutons in the Sevier fold-and-thrust belt, southwest Montana

  • James D. Bigger, Eastern Washington University (Michael Thompson Foster Scholarship): Waulsortian mounds, carbonates, and geologic mapping of the Green Ashley Gulch quadrangle, Big Snowy Mountains, central Montana

  • Sam Coyner, University of Florida (TRGS): The role of partial melting and magmatism during late orogenic extension, Bitterroot Metamorphic Core Complex, Montana/Idaho


  • Robert A. Houston, Oregon State University (TRGS): Is the Butte ore deposit tilted or not? A field geology study designed to resolve models of 5-12 degrees vs. >25 degrees of post-ore tilting

  • Joshua T. Goodman, University of Montana (Harrison): Detailed geologic mapping of Belt rocks in the SW and SE Missoula quadrangles


  • Thomas Kalakay, University of Wyoming (TRGS): Structural and thermochronologic study of the Pioneer batholith, southwest Montana: A test of the critical taper wedge model in the Sevier Orogen of southwest Montana

  • Brian Collins, University of Montana (Harrison): Stratigraphy of the Wallace Formation near Superior


  • Steve Porder, University of Montana (Harrison): Kinematic test of thrust rotation for the Lewis—Hoadley—Eldorado Plate near Wolf Creek


  • Casey Kipf, Montana State University (TRGS): Thrust faulting in the Beaverhead Mountains:--is the basement fundamentally or incidentally involved?

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